I started Waffle O'licious in 2018 with the strategic plan to start the company with the end in mind.  I wanted to first take my recipes to the customer then bring them in to appreciate and enjoy all aspects of our company offerings we have to date.

We started with a gourmet food truck, hitting breweries, arcades, marathons, really anything we could get our truck in.  I called this expensive marketing; a cost of doing business.  At every event for the first 11 months, my business partner and I were there.  We set our standards of customer service.

Ten months into our business endeavor, we added catering services with the addition of a new van.  Four months later, we opened our first brick and mortar store front.  Less than 1-1/2 years into our progress we added our 2nd gourmet food truck.

Since our startup, we have grown a great deal in regards to selecting and being blessed with building the right team members; we now have a true group of champions on board.


Our main goal is to bring the best Belgian waffle based menu selections to the metroplex.


IT'S A HAPPY MOUTHFUL!   Waffle O'licious

Rick Rackley




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